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When She Smiles


Tell me if I am dreaming or not,

tell me if I am nut or I am sane,
tell me if it is right or wrong,

tell me something now…


I don’t want justify my behave

and I don’t want to regret what I did
I just showing to her what my feelings are…
When she smiles

all my worries are buried in the ground
and I feel to tell everyone

that I found the love of my life…
When she smiles

I forget what’s going around,

I appreciate what the Lord has in mind
and I thank Him for this precious time,
now that I found her…


When she smiles

I don’t ask for anything else,

I just want to stop the time

and keep looking at her for a while…
When she smiles

I want to be the center of her life
by offering all my desires

and declare the love that I have for her…

When she smiles….


Now it’s time to know

if she will become my spouse
I know that it is too early to say,
this is the way I am…
I was waiting for all these years,
I was hoping that fate brought her here,
now before going home I will see her again…

When she smiles

I am becoming the servant of her eyes,
I will do anything that she likes,

that will make her joyful again…

When she smiles

nothing matter anymore in my life,
I am observing the stars in the sky

and I know that eternity is real for us…

When she smiles….



When She Smiles

- February 2015 -

Words & Music by Tani

© 2015 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

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