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So we are walking together,

it’s been so long

since we had seen each other…

On top of the tall steeple

we are toasting to the freedom,

the view is fascinating,

we feel we had left behind the loneliness,

loneliness, it never felt so good to look back,

loneliness, my mind has no regrets for loneliness…

The promise became a wedding,

the story has come to an ending,

but what remains untold

is what the time has brought us in loneliness,

loneliness, a change is in the air,

I don’t look back, loneliness

my life is turning into a wonderful romance…

I can feel within me

the presence of God and the love that we achieve...

I can see through your smile

the joy that He gave us to be alive...

Run, run, run, follow the breeze,

open your eyes and watch this scene;

the sky is blue, the valley is green,

the birds are singing a unique hymn...

Loneliness, loneliness, it never felt so good…

Loneliness, loneliness...

Loneliness, loneliness...






- May 2002 -

Words & Music by Tani

© 2006 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

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