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Days go by and memories get old like wine,

reach and deep,

the taste of life wakes up my instincts...

Father I am falling again,

I need to be sustained to go through these days,

my heart is pierced with pain... 

Alba, when I hold you in my chest

I feel that you are my girl

and I will not accept what life reserves...

I'll keep you in my heart now that you are gone,

time will be the judge of our love...

Alba, when I look inside myself

I see the emptiness,

my soul was kidnapped

and scratched to death... 

my faith became so weak,

but the reason came to me,

I found in God the straight that I need...

I know that I hurt you, I turned my back on you, 

our Lord is calling, why can you hear Him too...

Alba, let the fate becomes our friend

in this bizarre event,

because we can't realize what good or bad,

let's pray to be blessed by the loving Lord,

let's Jesus bring us peace after all..



Heart Pierced with Pain

- November 2009 -

Words & Music by Tani

© 2009 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

Heart Pierced with Pain

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