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Alpha & Omega

I don’t believe in science,

the men are walking slowly,
the Lord created planet Earth
for us to have a home…
His love spreads everywhere,
like water falls in May,
the mystery remains unsolved,
and we are witnessing His work…

I am counting all His signs,
since He blew over us,
the spirit that made us alive
when we where only dust…
The script is in His hands,
the story has been told,
we are waiting for You to come back
and rule the world for us…

Days are quickly passing by,
the time of His return is near,
I hear the trumpets’ sounds...
The moon is turning red,
the scriptures are now fulfilled,
we see descend as a bride
the new Jerusalem…


Alpha & Omega

- January 2011 -

Words & Music by Tani

© 2014 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

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