Ahead of Time

Come to me, dove of peace

cover me with love…

move as fast as the wind

sweep away the sins…


Watching things ahead of time

the mystery of faith encountering life…

…and the pain from his wounds

reveling to yourself

what Christ went thought…


In the hill, far from here

time has never changed…

everyone who’s passing by

witness this holy place…


A friar was sent to cure all those

who recognize the voice of God

inside his clothes…

He fought the devil in his cell

He had stigmata on his hands…

Please rescue me; I’m in deep sleep…


Life is short, time goes fast,

the men are walking back…

all the days are dropping down

like tears from an Heavenly cloud…

Since I heard you speak

I am not the same…

I pray for peace

and I believe that you’ll be back

for millions like me…


We are transformed in Spirit,
we are the light of the world,
we were sent by Jesus
to give the good news to everyone,
until He comes again,
defeat Satan, and judge the living and the dead.

A Wonderful End
- August 2000 -
Words & Music by Tani
© 2001 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

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