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A Wonderful End


Only one Spirit is real

and He comes from above,

with Jesus and the Almighty Father

He's one true God and true Lord!

Ghosts on my side,

a book full of prayers,

angels that keep the sins away…

The feeling has grown,

like roses in bloom;

life is the wheel of my desires…

We are seating to worship You,

God's Spirit, bring us the truth…

Thought of a child

could capture the light,

the one of the men is still the same…

A voice from the sky

will land in every house,

along with the wind, it will succeed,

for a wonderful end…

We are transformed in Spirit,

we are the light of the world,

we were sent by Jesus

to give the good news to everyone,

until He comes again,

defeat Satan, and judge the living and the dead.

A Wonderful End
- August 2000 -
Words & Music by Tani
© 2001 TANI/Harmony Tales Music (ASCAP)

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